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Imagine a tool that converts your daily walking hustle into calories, a number that reflects how amazing you're doing. That's the Calcgenie’s steps to the calories calculator. But before we dive into the steps to calories conversion, let's explore steps, calories, formula for converting these units.

A Timeless Metric

The concept of step measurement has been around for 1000’s of years. Ancient Romans used a device called a "milliarium" to measure distances. Modern pedometer devices are staple gadgets for fitness enthusiasts, while steps become a universal metric for daily activity measurement.

Fueling Our Move

Calories, on the other hand, were first defined in the 18th century as a unit of heat. They later used to define heat energy and today calories are used to define the fuel our bodies use to function. Today, calories represent the energy our bodies burn to function and perform activities.

Steps to Calories

By factoring in your correct weight, height, average stride length, our steps to calories converter estimates the number of calories burned based on your steps. Calories burned = Time spent walking (based on steps and pace) x MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) x Weight (in kg).

Beyond the Steps

While steps to calories calculators are great starting points, our several other calculators can help you understand your fitness journey. By using Calcgenie’s tools with a healthy lifestyle, you can achieve your fitness goal with a more informed and data based approach.

Steps to Calories
4000 steps to calories = 14011500 steps to calories = 402
4500 steps to calories = 15511600 steps to calories = 406
5000 steps to calories = 17512000 steps to calories = 420
5500 steps to calories = 19213000 steps to calories = 455
6000 steps to calories = 21014000 steps to calories = 490
6500 steps to calories = 22715000 steps to calories = 525
7000 steps to calories = 24516000 steps to calories = 560
7500 steps to calories = 26217000 steps to calories = 595
8000 steps to calories = 28018000 steps to calories = 630
9000 steps to calories = 31519000 steps to calories = 665
10000 steps to calories = 35020000 steps to calories = 700
10500 steps to calories = 36722000 steps to calories = 770
11000 steps to calories = 38523000 steps to calories = 805

Steps to Calories Calculator

1. How many steps to burn 500 calories?

The exact number of steps needed to burn 500 calories varies depending on height, weight, walking speed, and more. But in general, it would take around 13,000 to 16,000 steps.

2. How many steps to burn 100 calories?

Following the logic, to burn 100 calories of energy, you have to walk somewhere between 2600 to 3000 steps.

3. How many steps does it take to burn calories?

There is no single answer to this question. The number of steps walked can directly influence the number of calories burned. However, your weight, height, and walking speed can influence how many calories you burn per step.

4. Can steps help you lose weight?

Yes, 10,000 steps a day have a significant impact on weight loss. Remember, weight loss is more significant when combined with a healthy diet and walking.