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Km to Steps Converter

Want to know how many steps it takes to walk 1 kilometer? Use our km to steps calculator to find out! Simply enter the value in km our calculator will do the rest. The number of steps per km will vary depending on stride length, speed and other factors. However, our converter uses a standard stride length of 0.74 meters to provide an accurate estimate.

Most Searched Km to Steps

Km to StepsKm to Steps
1 km to steps = 12501.1 km to steps = 1375
1.2 km to steps = 15001.3 km to steps = 1625
1.4 km to steps = 17501.5 km to steps = 1875
1.6 km to steps = 20001.7 km to steps = 2125
1.8 km to steps = 22501.9 km to steps = 2375
2 km to steps = 25002.5 km to steps = 3125
3 km to steps = 37503.5 km to steps = 4375
4 km to steps = 50004.5 km to steps = 5625
5 km to steps = 62505.5 km to steps = 6875
6 km to steps = 75006.5 km to steps = 8125
7 km to steps = 87507.5 km to steps = 9375
8 km to steps = 100008.5 km to steps = 10625
9 km to steps = 112509.5 km to steps = 11875
10 km to steps = 1250011 km to steps = 13750
12 km to steps = 1500013 km to steps = 16250

Kilometer Definition

A kilometer or km is a unit of length in the International System of Units (SI); one km equals 1000 meters. It is similar to 3280.84 feet or 0.621371 miles. The km value is most commonly used to measure the distance between geographical places on Earth.

Definition of Steps

A step is a unit of distance; steps are equal to the length of one stride. The stride length is the distance converted when you take two steps, one with each foot. The average stride length for an adult is about 2.5 feet. So, normal 1000 steps would be about 2500 feet.

Tips to use this app

Enter the number of kilometers you want to convert to steps in the kilometers input field. Click on the convert button, and our calculator will do the rest. The km to steps results will be displayed in the steps field. Our Km to steps calculator is free to use.

Convert km to steps

The formula for converting kilometers to steps is km = steps / 1312.33595801. The formula is based on the average step length of a person. On average, it takes about 1,200 to 1,500 steps to walk 1 kilometer. Running takes about 900 to 1,250 steps to cover 1 kilometer.

Km to Steps Calculator

Track your daily steps and check how far you walked in km. Our km to steps uses average stride length to measure kilometer to steps conversion. We also have other calculators such as steps to kilometers, BMI calculator and more


FAQs on Kilometer to Steps

The number of steps per kilometer is based on the stride length, walking speed, and earth terrain. However, a general rule of thumb is that it takes around 1400 steps to cover one kilometer at a normal speed.

The formula for converting kilometers to steps is km = steps / 1312.33595801. You can use our km to steps converter to do this. To use our app, enter the number of km we will give you the equivalent distance in steps.

The following factors affect the number of steps in a kilometer: Stride length, walking pace, terrain, weight, and gender.

A pedometer or fitness tracker is the most accurate way to measure steps. These personal devices help you track your actions and calculate the distance you have walked.

The km to step conversion accuracy depends on several factors, such as stride length, walking speed, and terrain. However, the kilometer to step conversion is accurate within a few steps.