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How Many Cups to Grams

Want to know how many cups to grams? Our cups to grams flour conversion tool is perfect for all your conversion requirements. Our cups to grams calculator simplifies this process of converting cups to grams. It is perfect whether you are experimenting with ingredients, quality control. Say bye to kitchen chaos and hello to exact measurements.

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Ingredient Conversion Table

Ingredients1/4 cup1/3 cup1/2 cup2/3 cup3/4 cup1 cup
Milk62 g83 g125 g166 g187 g249 g
All-Purpose Flour31 g42 g63 g83 g94 g125 g
Bread Flour34 g45 g68 g91 g102 g136 g
Cocoa Powder21 g28 g43 g57 g64 g85 g
Powdered Sugar30 g40 g60 g80 g90 g120 g
Rolled Oats21 g28 g43 g57 g64 g85 g
Brown Sugar55 g73 g110 g147 g165 g220 g
Rice46 g62 g93 g123 g139 g185 g

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